Superb Leather - All hand made
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Black Rose World manufactures be-spoke BDSM products. 
You will find our best Bondage Gear and Bondage Equipment with every possible kind of bondage toy and bondage torture devices you could ever wish for. If you can't see what you are looking for we also provide a special order service to suit your every need.
We produce a wide range of soft and hard BDSM gear including soft bondage gear for beginners and metal restraints for the more experienced, all at prices to cater for every budget.

When you buy online from Black Rose World you are buying high class hand made bondage gear and bondage equipment. You can also be assured of complete discretion in delivery and complete satisfaction with your order of bondage gear and bondage toys.

Featured Products

2 inch Brown Bridle Leather Handcuffs
A simple 2" wide brown bridle leather set of handcuffs sewn together and fastened with extra strong velcro for instant...
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This dog lead has a leather insert on the handle...
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A 1 inch wide leather spiked collar,it is fastened with a lock with two keysand is backed with foam rubber...
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